London days. Big Ben

Big Ben is one of the most well known symbols of London; everyone who passes through this wonderful capital takes some time to salute this monument. Before arriving to your London holiday there are some things to know about Big Ben that will impress anyone.

First of all the numbers; the diameter of the frame is 7 meters and the minute hand is more than 4 meters long. The pendulum of the clock is winded with a sack of coins and this excellent mechanism stopped rarely.

What not many people know is that the name Big Ben does not refer to the tower clock but to the 13 tone bell inside the tower. Its name comes from the first man who oversaw the placement of the bell- Sir Benjamin Hall. The bell used to be in the Westminster palace and the first BBC transmission was opened by the Big Ben in 1923.

During World War Two, a bomb destroyed part of the Houses of Parliament but the tower remained intact. Its sound was transmitted on radio to the people as a symbol of hope. Also in its 11 chambers, members of the parliament can be locked down if they break the law or they don’t respect the constitution even if this hasn’t been practiced in years.

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