Thailand. Do’s and Don’ts

When traveling to Thailand you will be surprised to see that their culture differs a lot from the western culture. To make the most out of your holiday, here are some do-s and don’t-s that will keep you out of trouble.

Do respect Buddha’s image no matter what. This means also to dress properly when visiting the temples and don’t try to photograph yourself with sitting on Buddha statues

If you are invited to a Thai house do take your shoes of before entering the house and do speak with respect about the members of the Royal Court, after all nobody likes talking about politics at the table.

Always be respectful around monks and elderly people. Even if this might sound as common sense, many people forget it when they are on holiday.

Be careful when you are in a restaurant, don’t ever call a waiter with your fingers pointing up, it is a rude sign; you should call a waiter with your hand up in a fist or with the fingers pointing down. Also, when you are having dinner with Thai friends, don’t finish up the dish, they will consider you didn’t have enough and will keep order food for you. Also you can eat with a spoon and fork; the sticks are used mostly for the noodle soup.

Having these simple rules in mind, and learning how to say hello in Thai, your holiday will be amazing.

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