Discover Thailand, Koh Samui

A holiday in Thailand might be the little piece of Heaven your family has been waiting for the whole year. Exciting shows, relaxing beaches, beautiful clothes and entertaining nightlife is all you might need to have an unforgettable holiday. One of the most popular tourist destinations in Thailand is Koh Samui, a resort on the Samui island known for its bays and beaches. The resort is almost literally an island of coconuts and forested hills.

Beside laying on the beach and drinking colorful cocktails there are a few places you must see. The Big Buddha, a 12 meter high statue, sits on a top of a hill. In order to reach the worship place you  must climb 73 steps. When you reached the top of the hill you will be able to visit the temple and also have a breathtaking view on the sea and some other islands. Near the temple you will find a lot of cafes, shops and bars. The place is really exciting during the festival period.

Another interesting experience is the Samui Monkey Theater; people used to train monkeys to help them with the harvest of coconuts. Nowadays it is really interesting to see trained monkeys performing shows. Also you might like to see an elephant and, if you are brave enough, you can even ride one.

In need of some relaxing time? Thailand is known for its SPAs. One kind of therapy involves a species of fish that will clean your skin and will give you a nice and relaxing manicure and pedicure. Also, you can relax when visiting the splendid waterfalls along the resort.

Koh Samui for your Thailand holiday will be the best choice for you and your family.


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