Bangkok City Break

Bangkok is the capital of Thailand, the greatest city in the country with over 6 million inhabitants. It is the 22nd city of the world and it represents an important economical center of Southern Asia. A holiday in this city will be an exciting adventure and no matter how high your expectations are, the city will never disappoint you.

Every year no less than 15 million tourists visit the city and they are impressed by the contrast between culture and religion with modern skyscrapers and noisy highways. A major attraction in the city is a day at a SPA where you can indulge yourself with a massage or a cosmetic treatment at an accessible price.

A place you cannot miss under any circumstance is the Grand Palace, a unique architectural landmark that hosts the most venerated Buddha statue in Thailand. It is better to visit the palace early in the morning in order to skip the rush hour. You have to keep in mind that because it is a holy area you have to wear decent clothes. Don’t come in shorts or sandals.

If you love animals and if you are interested in snakes, you could visit the sanke farm. Before entering this thrilling adventure you are instructed on how to behave near the snakes and how to react in case of an unfortunate attack. You will be able to admire different snake species and also you will assist when they are fed.

If the snake experience was not enough for you, you can try a visit to a nearby crocodile farm. Each hour there is a show when somebody puts his head inside a crocodile’s open mouth. The show is frightening and we don’t recommend you to take children there. Inside the farm there are more than 10 000 animals and you could even feed them if you wish.

If you like “safer” activities, you have to visit the floating market. Boats are filled with goods such as fish, fruit, vegetables or cooked local food flow slowly down the stream. We recommend you to take a guided boat tour to enjoy the most of the experience.

When night comes, hit the red light district. There is more than one in this city, you can choose from: the Nana Entertainment Plaza, Soi Cowboy and Patpong. Be careful what and how much you drink, what bar you enter and how much money you are willing to pay. Even if you are not interested in the experience itself, just visiting can feed your curiosity and it is pretty safe.

Of course the city has so much more to offer. It’s up to you to grab a map and discover it.

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