Holiday in Marrakech, Morocco

There are places in the world that will have such a powerful effect you that you will remember your whole life. Such a place is beautiful Marrakech in Morocco. Located at the foot of the Atlas Mountains, the city is an amazing combination of noise, spices and culture that will assault your senses and will make your stay there memorable.

To visit the city you need a few days so as not to miss anything. Start with the souqs- the traditional markets where you can find everything from chickens to traditionally crafted products and clothing. A walk through the market is a true cultural experience and you will have the chance to feel part of the traditional feel of Morocco. The souqs are divided based on the craft they represent. All the tailors, jewelers, spice merchants and so on are divided in clusters.

Also you cannot miss the old town. The old Saadian Tombs and other traditional historical sites offer a really interesting experience, the intricate mosaic is stunning. The tombs are surrounded by a beautiful garden perfect for a relaxing walk. Another interesting fact is that the walls of the medina date back from the 13th century, this place will be perfect for some amazing photographs.

Of course Marrakech offers a lot of more things to do like museums, historical sites and cozy cafes. You only need to choose Morocco for you holiday and enjoy the atmosphere.

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