Holiday in Antalya, the Turkish Riviera

For a long period of time Antalya has been a top choice for summer holiday for tourists all over the world. Some of Turkey’s top restaurants, beautiful beaches and well preserved Roman-Ottoman sites, make Antalya an appreciated destination. Another interesting thing is that walking the streets of this city, you will see that the city has not reached a high level of globalization like Istanbul or Ankara, and you can still admire the well preserved traditional feel.

Besides the beaches and the exciting water parks, Antalya offers cultural attractions as well. Kaleici, the city center embraced many civilizations during history. It has been restored and now it preserves all the traditional Turkish architecture elements. A walk around the city center and its boutiques will enchant your day.

Interested in archeology? You can’t miss the Antalya Museum, one of the most important museums of its kind in the world. It even has a special department for children where things are explained on their own language.

You should also visit Hadrians Gate, a monument that dates back from 2nd century BC. It represents a high marble arch and it is impressive to see.

After all that visiting you have to indulge to a day on the beach or by the pool with some Turkish sweets at hand. The tastes and the spices are mind-blowing and will certainly make your holiday sweeter.  

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