Berlin. You didn’t know.

Berlin, the capital of Germany has so many secrets that are waiting to be discovered during your holiday. Here are some interesting facts about this beautiful city.

  • Because the city was separated by the Great Wall until 1990, it now has two main centers: Kurfstendamm in the west and Alexanderplatz in the eastern part.
  • The central station is the largest railway station in Europe. Thousands of trains pass there every day.
  • The largest department store in Europe is also in Berlin.
     it spreads on more than 60 000 square meters.
  • Knut, the polar bear was born at the Berlin Zoo. This zoo is one of the largest zoos in the world. It hosts more than 14 000 animals.
  • Radison Hotel has the world’s largest aquarium. You can see fish swimming just by going on an elevator ride.
  • If you dare, you can visit some of the bunkers and tunnels below the city that are left from the Nazi era.
  • You can explore Berlin by boat and it has around 1700 bridges, even more than Venice.

Choosing Berlin for your Europe destination will prove to be a cultural, relaxing and entertaining experience.

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