Holiday In Molokai – The Most Hawaiian Island

The Hawaiian island of Molokai has the feel of a provincial town and a spiritual power impossible not to feel. Choosing this place for your holiday might be one of the best choices you’ve done in a long time.

There are legends who way  that the hula dance was born in the Molokai island. The true Hawaiian culture can be observed anywhere you look in this paradise oasis. No building higher than a coconut tree, no traffic, no noise just peace and serenity- the traditional local lifestyle.

Luxuriant forests, sandy beaches,  and crystal clear warm waters is just what you need in order to connect with nature and relax after the tumultuous life in the city. On foot, by bike or by 4 wheeled vehicles exploring the island will be a breath-taking and enriching experience.  Mount Kamakou will show you incredible views and the whole place breaths with spirituality.

With most of the population native Hawaiians; the region remained unaltered with time and your holiday will be an amazing journey of discovering amazing places and history.

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