Paris. You didn’t know

Paris in spring is the best European choice for your holiday. Before arriving to this extraordinary city you might want to hear some fun facs.

  • There are three theories about where the name of the city comes from. Some say that it takes after the son of the King of Troy who fell in love  with the beautiful Helen. Other say it was named after Parisii, a Gaul tribe who was located in Ile de la Cite between 250 BC and 200 BC. There are also some who believe it comes from the word “paname” meaning enormous.
  • The city is well known as the City of Lights. Most of the people think it is because of the lights of the Eifel Tower. This is not true. The city became the symbol of light because of the “enlightened intellectuals ”  who made tremendous progress in arts, literature, science, architecture and so much more.
  • Immediately after the French Revolution, the Palais Royal was the center of all open air brothels.
  • In front of the Notre Dame you can find “Point Zero” where all distance miles in France are measured from Paris.
  • The first public striptease dance was performed in Paris in 1894 in the infamous Moulin Rouge.
  • Paris was designed to allow access for the tanks. During the time of Napoleon was neighborhoods were destroyed to create large boulevards so that tanks would have easy access to stop revolutions.

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