Holiday In London – One Of The Most Visited Cities In The World

London holidays are on the to do lists of most people. Visiting London will be a fun, cultural, and memorable experience and there are so many reasons why you should not miss this city.

  • More than 50% of the London subway runs above ground.
  • It is the only city in the world that will host The Olimpics for the third time.
  • London has the most international visitors in the world. More than 15.3 million tourists visit the city each year.
  • The oldest subway route in the world is the Metropolitan Line. It was opened on January 10th 1863
  • There are two fake houses in the city meant to hide the subway tracks. The windows are painted and inside the houses is the line of the subway.
  • Many people think that Big Ben is the clock but that is not actually true. Big Bang is actually the bell. The building is called the Clock Tower.
  • There is a unique specie of mosquitoes that live in the subway system. They live nowhere else on the island and it is believed that they come by tube from the airport after traveling by plane.
  • London is the city where the most languages are spoken. On the streets of the city you can hear more than 270 languages.

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