Easter Holiday Traditions In Santorini

There are only a few more beautiful things to do in Greece besides celebrating Easter in the Greek way. No matter how religious you are, you will find a lot of pleasure in exploring Easter traditions in this magnificent place. The traditions are very different than western Christians (catholic, protestants) and what other place is better to observe them from than the wonderful Santorini?

Before planning your spring holiday in Santorini there are a few things you should know. Easter is the most important holy celebration in Greece, even more important than Christmas and everybody loves preparing for it.

The week before Easter  is called the Holy Week and traditionally the people fast and go to church once a day. Just enter a church and relax, even if you don’t understand the words there is a certain feeling of peace that will surround you. On Thursday the women dye eggs in rea to symbolize the blood of Christ and bake Easter bread – Tsoureki. These will be on the Easter table on Saturday.

Friday is a day of mourning. On the streets on Santorini you will see girls decorating the Epitafio- the funeral bier and after that it is paraded in a somber march.  On Saturday night at midnight everybody is at church celebrating The Rise of Christ. The Priest passes the Holy Flame and everybody sings Christos Anesti (Christ is Risen.) People take lit candles on the way home and all the streets are filled in light.

On Sunday morning people eat with their families the Easter Meal, lamb is traditionally served as a symbol of Christ plus the red eggs and tsoureki. Celebrations are held in every home and a feel of happiness is all around town.

Choose Santoini for your Easter holiday and you will not regret it.

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