Holiday In Bora Bora, The Jewel Of French Polynesia

There are a lot of islands in the world; there is a lot of crystal clear water in the world, and sandy beaches can be seen in a lot of places; but only a few places can compete with Bora Bora’s beauty. The jewel of the French Polynesia, Bora Bora was formed due to volcanic eruptions and it once reached 1200 meters above the water. With time and with erosion, the island became what it is today- sheer beauty. The paradise of Bora Bora is for everybody. From luxurious resorts to family cabins, from private to wild beaches, from exquisite restaurant to delicious local food there is something to do for every pocket.

Among the activities on the island, tourists can choose from scuba diving, snorkeling, visiting the aqua zoo to hiking, parasailing, jet skies or simply lying on the beach and admiring the view. Visiting the old crater is also a valid alternative for the more adventurous ones.
Also you must know that the French Polynesia is well known for its pearl cultures. You might like such an exquisite souvenir on your way home. Another idea is to buy a tiki sculpture to protect your loved ones against evil spirits.
Pick Bora Bora for your holiday and your experience will be an unforgettable one.

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