New York. You didn’t know

It’s one of the greatest cities in the entire world. It’s a symbol for the modern way of living, modern architecture and style. Most of us dream about visiting New York at least once in our life but most of us don’t know the amazing stories that lie hidden in the city’s history books.

The island of Manhattan was bought for only $24 by the dutch explorer Peter Minuit. This is why the original name of the city was New Amsterdam. It was stolen back from the dutch and renamed New York.

The subway is used by almost 4.9 million people each day and it is illegal to place a bag on an empty seat even if the train is empty. The fine is up to $50.

If you want to sing in the subway you need to audition first at the Metropolitan Transportation Authority. So be really careful who entertains you. You might pass by a well known musician. it is the city where the Ballerina Project was first began by Dane Shitagi.

On these streets and all around New York, better or worse neighborhoods, photos are being taken and for 12 years now, the collection if starting to give the expected outcome.

The notorious Washington Square Park was a place for execution in the late 18th century after being a cemetery since 1700s. The Hangman’s Elem is there to prove it.

It became the city with the lowest crime rate with the mayors Giuliani and Bloomberg. Their efforts to reduce crime rate started by cleaning Times Square, a famous place for prostitution.

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  • it is a very beautiful place and my sister stays there . i m very sure that i will go there very soon

  • Josette

    Next year my husband and me are seriously considering visiting New York when we alo hope to see George Strait perform.

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    i love NY

  • I Love New York !!!! Is The Best Town with World !!!!

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    wooooow love NEW YORK

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    I Love New York