Wineglass Bay – Tasmania

Wineglass Bay is situated on the rugged Freycinet Peninsula, part of the Freycinet National Park, on the east cost of Tasmania. The peninsula is made up of granite mountains that sweep down to sparkling vivid blue coves, the most beautiful of which is Wineglass Bay, so called because of its perfect shape. A stunning white sandy beach fringes the bay, set off by strange rocks which appear orange thanks to the lichen that has colonized them.

The peninsula enjoys some of the most beautiful coastline in Tasmania and pleasantly mild climate. Coles Bay, at the north of the park, is a deep inlet with an imposing backdrop of three pink granite rocks, known as The Hazards that rise straight from the sea to 300 m (1,000 ft) high. Coles Bay makes a good base for visiting the national park, although it is possible to stay within the park itself.
There are many walking trails to be explored but very little water, so you will need to carry plenty with you, and take advice as to the safety of drinking the water from the streams. Walks start from the car park, and from there up to the lookout point over Wineglass Bay, and down to the beach and back could take as long as five hours. Another, lovely, way of seeing the bay is to take an organized cruise or hire a boat from Coles Bay, and approach it from the sea.

What is it: Some of the most beautiful coastline in Tasmania.
What else is there to see: Schouten Island, Great Oyster Bay, Governor Island and Grosvenor Island Marine Nature Reserve.
What is there to do: Explore the national park and many walking tracks.
How do I get there: Travel by road from Hobart.

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