Nawelpi Lodge, Reserva del Fuy, Chile

Located on the north side of the river Fuy, between a beautiful native forest and near the Salto de la Leona, is Nawelpi Lodge, a new way of living Patagonian Forest, where you can enjoy nature in all its splendor. Nawelpi Lodge offers a unique experience to enjoy nature and cultural riches of the Patagonian Forest.Nawelpi-Lodge-Reserva-del-Fuy-Chile-1Nawelpi-Lodge-Reserva-del-Fuy-Chile-2Nawelpi-Lodge-Reserva-del-Fuy-Chile-3Nawelpi-Lodge-Reserva-del-Fuy-Chile-4Nawelpi-Lodge-Reserva-del-Fuy-Chile-5Nawelpi-Lodge-Reserva-del-Fuy-Chile-6Nawelpi-Lodge-Reserva-del-Fuy-Chile-7Nawelpi-Lodge-Reserva-del-Fuy-Chile-8Nawelpi-Lodge-Reserva-del-Fuy-Chile-9[wp_geo_map]

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