A Piece Of Heaven At The Atlantis Resort In The Bahamas

The Bahamas is by far a very accurate impression of heaven on earth. It is the place you want to live at or want to spend at least a full holiday. The beautiful beaches, the fresh coconut juice, served right from the source and the great people will transform you in a better, more relaxed and happy person. There is one place that you have to see and stay at, and that is the Atlantis Resort on the Paradise Island.

In 1969, it was the discovery of what looked like a stone pathway at the bottom of the sea, off the waters of Bimini that led to the excitement in the Bahamas that maybe the lost city of Atlantis had been discovered. That’s where the name for this hotel, Atlantis, has been chosen.

Atlantis is one of the most impressive resorts in the world. It was of course modeled after the famous lost city of Atlantis, and is a vacationer’s paradise. Complete with casino, beach, restaurants, entertainment, shopping and more, just walking through the resort is worth a visit in itself. The resort took only 11 months to build using thousands of Bahamian workers. A Marina is located here to accommodate guests and the largest marine habitat in the world, seconded only by the Nature. Guided tours are available or you can walk by yourself, but be careful as you may get lost.

The Marina Village has a bunch of shops as well as restaurants. The restaurants are: Carmine’s, Johnny Rockets, Cafe Martinique, Seafire Steakhouse, Bimini Road, Marina Pizzeria and Jamba Juice. The shops include: Versace, Various jewelry stores, Dooney & Bourke, La Perfumerie and a variety of souvenir and clothing shops. The village also has some impressive yachts in its little port. As you walk on the way out of the Shopping village you will be surprised at the number of yachts and their grandeur.

It must be nice to travel the world by yacht stopping into great ports and seeing the sights. Right by the Beach Tower is the Seagrapes Lagoon there are some really colorful reef fish and rays swimming around in a cave. The lagoon is huge and you can spend some serious time looking at all the fish and coral. They even have staff feeding the rays which is fun to watch.

There are people walking around on the beaches of Atlantis offering to make you a drink served in a coconut. First they crack open the coconut and you drink the water inside. Then he fills up the coconut with rum. In order to fit in the milk or fruit juice (depending on what you want), you have to drink some of the rum. He then pours in the milk or juice and you drink some more. He’ll then add more rum if you’d like. Considering all the rum you wind up getting, it’s not a bad deal. The coconut drink with rum is priced at $10 US and without the rum it will only cost you $7 US per serving.


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