Top 7 amazing african cities

Africa is the continent known as the exotic continent of the world, visited by millions around the year, growing it’s touristic opportunities every day.

Although renowned for it’s safari landscape, there are some very interesting cities that you can visit, hosting natural beauty and amazing historical sites.


The largest city in Africa, Cairo is the capital city of Egypt, a country that holds the standard for historical sites and marketplaces. It’s the home of the Egyptian Museum and the Pyramids, those being within miles away from the city center.

The Great Pyramid is the only one remaining of the 7 Wonders of the Ancient World and it’s considered the most awesome monument in Africa.


Populated by over 1 million, the city of Marrakech, also called the “Red City”, it’s the most important imperial city Morrocco ever had.

Many tourists travel here for the Djemaa el Fna Square, the biggest square in Africa, which is famous around the world for it’s street vendors and performers, like cobra charmers.

Also, the city has an amazingly high number of gates, each and every one of them being an architectural wonder by it’s own.

3.Cape Town

One of the most prosperous cities on the black continent, Cape Town is one of the four capitals of South Africa, administrating the Western Cape area.

The main touristic attraction is the Table Mountain, a natural flat mountain overlooking the city. Tourists use hiking ore cableway to get on top, from where they can admire the beauty of the metropolis.


One of the biggest ports in Africa, the capital city of Senegal is an amazing place to visit for any type of tourists.

With over 1 million citizens, it’s main attractions are the marketplaces and the Dakar Grand Mosque. The city is also the finishing point of the renowned Paris-Dakar Rally.


This is one great city to visit because of it’s main attraction being a national park. The capital and the largest city of Kenya is famous for it’s Nairobi National Park, a reservation that contains lions, giraffes, black rhinos and over 400 species of birds.

There is nothing else like being surrounded by wildlife and having a skyline in the background of your travel pictures.


Back in South Africa, there is one city that has them all. Johannesburg, the largest city of the country and one of the four capitals of South Africa, although not officially.

It’s main growth as a touristic city happened in 2010, when it hosted the FIFA World Cup Final and was visited by roughly 100000 soccer fans alone. It is also the transit point for visitors going to the Kruger National Park.


The capital city of Madagascar, the exotic island from the Indian Ocean, is considered to be the city with the best sunset on the planet. It has a load of historical sites, most of them being from the french occupation.

It is also the connecting point with the main beaches of the island.

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  • Samuel

    Addis Ababa, Ethiopia should be one of this cities

  • Linda Havoc Phakathi

    kampala, Uganda should be here

  • bell larson

    Best cities and/most most sophisticated in
    Sub Saharan-Africa (Black Africa) are in South Africa and
    in Dakar Senegal. I have traveled thought Africa and sadly most cities in
    Africa are third world wrecks. Lagos Nigeria being the worse and Nairobi Kenya
    the biggest slumps. Worse, overall are the number of beggars, the
    filthy streets, trash everywhere rampant poverty and misery, it breaks your

  • Pieter Mostert

    Best city is Windhoek Namibia. Its save. Its beautiful. Its a great mix of all it cultures. Johanesburg the worst. Crime and its just not special in any way.