Dangers in New Zealand

New Zealand is a country situated in Oceania, made by 3 big islands: The North Island, The South Island and The Steward Island. The capital city is Wellington, the country’s most important political and cultural center. Another important city is Auckland, which attracts many tourists by its beauty and cleanness, but also by its many must see points, as The Skytower or the Aquarium. With over 4 million citizens, New Zealand is glad to have amazing landscapes, huge, straight roads and great hospitality. But, as in any country, there are some things that you need to consider before going to visit it. Down below is a list of some possible dangers and advices to get you through your trip.

There are some things that you need to know about the traffic in New Zealand. First of all, the driving line is on the left, so you will need some time and dedication to get used to it. Secondly, take good care of the speeders, because they are everywhere, the laws in this part of the world being not so drastic. The crappy roads or tight corners could also get you confused. Our advice is to get a taxi when needed, because most of the taxi drivers are good friends with the police, so there will be no worries for you in case of a ticket. Better, you should have a friend getting you started with driving on the left side. Even the hotel managers are offering this kind of ,,driving lessons”. Also, carefully get your way out of the traditional New Zealand traffic jam… with sheeps.
If you get used to the road, be careful in the parking lot. Watch out for sings like ,,P5”, ,,P10” or ,,P100”. If you leave your car even a second longer than it is written on the sign, the fine you will need to pay will get you home. Also, once in the country, make sure you declare any kind of goods you got with you. Food, plants, animals, hiking or camping equipment, just take care and get them all verified on the airport.
The Mountain Doves from New Zealand are brown, have big claws and are extremely unfriendly. They could do some very unpleasant things, like damaging a car… Ok, completely destroying a car in minutes, ripping the mirrors and breaking the doors (no jokes) of it. They could fly away with your camera in an instant or with some goods from your backpack. This is a very serious danger, although we need to take in consideration the intelligence of these creatures and never do any harm to them.
The famous case of the German tourist killed when hitch-hiking is something to keep in mind. We do not discourage you to go around by this manner, but is yet just another thing you should take in consideration. New Zealand has a great railway system that we think you should use, being confortable, fast and cheap, in comparison with other countries. In the end, don’t forget to never pass by the last flag in the water if swimming. There are sharks and currents which could threaten your life, so respecting the perimeters is your best choice to enjoy a relaxing, danger-free vacation.
Please be sure that this is not an article about not going to New Zealand. This is just the fisrt episode in a series about potential dangers in countries around the world. All you need to do is take care of yourselves in all of your travels and enjoy them at the most.


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