Top 10 most visited cities in the world

1. Paris is the capital of France, and, also a romantic city. The museums and the interesting constructions with an extraordinary architecture offer you an amazing scenery where you can enjoy your holiday, of course. The most representative monuments in Paris are Eiffel Tower, Notre Dame Cathedral, Les Invalides, Louvre Museum and a lot more. Paris has 14.8 milion international visitors per annum.

2. London, located in England, has 14 milion visitors per year. People come here for especially for its attractive parks and gardens, museums, architecture. Main attractions are Trafalgar Square, Covent Garden, London Eye, London Zoo, the Natural History Museum, the Globe Theatre, the Charles Dickens Museum and Madame Tussauds. Big Ben is the great bell of the clock tower and is very famous in the entire world.

3. Bangkok is the capital of Thailand and is the most visited city in Asia at 10.2 million tourists per year. Big tourist attractions in Bangkok include the Grand Palace, Wat Pho and Wat Arun.

4. Singapore is a world financial center and popular city with tourists. The city of Singapore is very visited and loved by the tourists due to its two casino resorts which attract a lot of people year after year. This city has 9.7 milion visitors annually.

5.  Kuala Lumpur, situated in Malaysia, is the 5th most visited city in the world and home to the magnificent Petronas Towers which were the tallest buildings in the world from 1998-2004. It has 8.9 milion visitors per year.

6. New York ranks only in sixth place, but has 8.7 milion visitors per year. The major destinations here are Empire State Building, Statue of Liberty, Ellis Island, Broadway theater productions, museums such as the Metropolitan Museum of Art, greenspaces such as Central Park and Washington Square Park, Rockefeller Center, Times Square, the Natural History Museum etc.

7. Dubai is one of the seven emirates of the United Arab Emirates and certainly  one of the most fascinating architectural places in the world today. With 7.6 milion visitors annually, it ranks a well-deserved seventh place.

8. Istanbul, in Turkey, sees 7.5 million tourists per year which ranks 8th in the world and 3rd in Europe.  The main attractions here are the mosques, the palaces, the restaurants, and, of course, the people who are very nice and friendly.

9. Hong Kong is a major financial center in the world which helps the city attract 7 million visitors per year. The personal feature of this city is that attracts with the diverse contrasts of stunning city scapes and soaring mountains, heritage sites and extensive green countryside.

10. Located at the mouth of the Yangtze River,  Shanghai has 6.7 million visitors each year. Popular tourist attractions in Shanghai include the Bund and the City God Temple.

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  • cool post
    i want to go paris

  • Surely Las Vegas, Nevada must be somewhere in the top twenty most visited cities. It’s featured in many movies and millions visit every year.

    • JP

      Las Vegas is number 1. It gets 37 million visitors/year.

      • gabrieliosa

        Hi JP,
        We are not considering Las Vegas as being a touristic city, mainly because it doesn’t have any touristic attractions. It is the perfect place to gamble and party, no doubt, but as far as touristic attractions we decided not to include it in the top.

        • Walt Stori

          Las Vegas IS the mother of all tourist attractions. Dubai is just trying to copy Vegas by creating a tourist oriented ground-up destination in the desert. Open your eyes. Have you ever been to Vegas?

  • Kuat main belakang

    malaysia is the best country in the world! orang melayu hebat!

  • Ariffff

    where is beijing?! probably between 5-10

  • m

    I see the picture of NY is before 9/11 …

  • fahd

    lahore should be on this list

    • Nathan

      It is on the list of “Top 10 Cities where a Tourist will surely be KILLED”.. 😉

  • Visitors must not know that Vegas doesn’t have anything to offer because it gets, as mentioned above, 37 million visitors per year, about 6.7 million of whom are international. This is presented as an objective, not subjective list, so I thought it was about the numbers, not whether you thought the city deserved the visitors who flock there. People visit to gamble, but they also visit to shop, enjoy wine & food, visit outlying areas, see world-class shows and wander around — just like they do in other cities. You’ve read too many stories by out-of-towners who fly in and don’t know Vegas at all.


    Lynn Goya

    • gabrieliosa

      That is my point also: Vegas is a destination by itself, not a city with objectives, that is why I did not included this one here. Of course is an amazing destination, no doubt about that, just for Penn&Teller and for Chris Angel alone I believe everybody should go at least once.

  • Interesting list. (and beautiful photos!)

    I’ve lived in Bangkok for 10 years and believe it’s the world’s best city. 🙂

    • Urbwzrd

      Although i like Thailand, i cannot say Bangkok is the best place to live! My brother could live only one year; sure, he had other issues also and sure Bangkok is better than where i am living now (Moscow), but definitely not the best.

  • Ferit baltacioglu

    Wrong list
    Antalya must be third or forth with almost 10 million international tourists

  • John

    I would love to go to France and visit Paris “the city of light”

  • Sandy Allain

    I am in Istanbul now! it’s the BEST! I love it, people are so nice and friendly and the city is epic!

  • where does San Francisco rate? It’s beauty, charm and cultural diversity is second to none.

  • Bucharest made in Romania is no 1.

  • ihbihbijn

    the list include only international visitors but in real is that:
    Paris 15.2 (million)
    London 14.7
    New York City 9.7
    Antalya 9.2
    Singapore 9.2
    Kuala Lumpur 8.9
    Hong Kong 8.4
    Dubai 7.4
    Bangkok 7.2
    Istanbul 6.9

  • Silvano N. Balagtas

    I’d been to Malaysia and Singapore and I both consider these countries as Good tourist destinations. Aside from their modern and state of the art structures, people are warm and friendly. I think this is one thing we have to consider to enjoy our visit to any tourist destination/country.

  • parisa

    I’m from iran and now I’m living here!I dont want to say that the palces we have are more better than the top places but they are so beautiful!
    we becom so happy if u come here to visit our country!

  • i like to visit thailand it depends if get to save money and the love .

  • arif elnur

    Malaysia is located between Singapore and Thailand, most of the international tourist will visit this three countries in their vacation. so if u have time to go to one of the countries, i suggest u visit all three.

  • martina

    Barcelona(Spain) is the best city in the world!

    • celeste

      barcelona is the name of a night club in fayetteville i have been there it is sweet

  • kaushal

    Hi frnds,

    i wud like to go all ten places as they are so fantastic on this earth……….



  • carlos

    No Amsterdam?

    Greets from Spain

  • disqus_Mbi88Jq0aD

    no body can say on a city is the best because any one have fun in a city he or she will said its the best so there is many many many places very beautiful

  • Singapore is the best!!! Awesome food there!!

  • toom

    Go Southeast Asia Bangkok Singapore and Kuala lumpur

  • raulpopa44
  • celeste

    i am actual french it’s amazing to find out that paris is number one

  • Okanasu
    every thing about Istanbul for tourists

  • Usman Chaudhary

    Top 10 cities

    Amazing post i like it