The magnificient Sydney

Located in Australia, Sydney is a modern city, a place where you will discover many fascinating achievements of modern architecture. A special feature is that electrifying colors and art meet everywhere.

Buildings and hotels are considered tourist attractions and first class accommodations. Prices in hotels and restaurants are considered small in comparison with European and American.

The Rocks is the first settlement built by early settlers arrived on the continent. Here are some of the oldest pubs, restaurants with low prices, art galleries and souvenir shops.

Sydney Harbour is the heart and soul of the city. It offers a perspective on the city streets and buildings of its port and a wonderful view, especially at nightfall when the lights come up and through every pore of the city life.

The Sydney Opera House is the most famous building of the twentieth century because of their shape and innovative construction techniques used. At 30 years after opening, the building was included in the heritage of the country. The Australian Government has invested $ 69,300,000 for projects to improve facilities and add new spaces outer area of theatrical performances.


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