Monaco, a place in heaven

Located at the south western part of Europe, Monaco is an autonomous city-state and the world’s second smallest country. The geographical position of Monaco which sits atop a narrow coastal area with its three sides surrounded by France and its southern side facing the Mediterranean Sea makes it an ideal destination for tourists and nature lovers. From the well-renowned Monaco Formula 1 Grand Prix and the luxurious Monte-Carlo Casino complex, Monaco intrigues one by its glamour and the different way of living.

The traditional four quarters of Monaco are: Monaco-Ville, La Condamine, Monte Carlo and Fontvieille. Monaco-Ville is the old city on a rocky promontory extending into the Mediterranean, known as the Rock of Monaco, Monte Carlo, the principal residential and resort area with the Monte Carlo Casino in the east and northeast, La Condamine, the northwest section including the port area, Port Hercule and Fontvieille, a newly constructed area reclaimed from the sea in the 1970s.

Known as Europe’s tax haven, each and every individual citizens of Monaco enjoys a tax-free lifestyle since the 1870s. For decades, Monaco lived off solely on its casinos. At present, Monaco’s current efforts to diversify its economy have made tourism its number one source of income and casino profits only at five percent. The Monte Carlo Casino is probably the best known casino in the world and the prime tourist attraction in Monaco. Its elegant façade and panache interiors had been a filming location of three James Bond movies namely “Casino Royal”, GoldenEye, and Never Say Never Again.”

It’s suitable to visit Monaco anytime of the year. There’s an event going on every month. From glamorous balls (The Princess of Hanover’s Rose Ball in March); exclusive outdoor concerts by the Monte-Carlo Philharmonic Orchestra (Concert at the Prince’s Palace in July); to sporting events such as Tennis Masters Series (April), the celebrated Monaco Formula 1 Grand Prix (May) and International Marathon (November).


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  • I’m on a natural high when traveling the world! This was an awesome trip taken to Nice then up the very windy road through Monaco. The sites to my right were fabulous in the bluest water imaginable.God’s land is painted with so much beauty around the world.

    • Toe

      Thank you Marshall for your nice words, i hope things were better than what we’re presenting here.